About Everguard

About Everguard Repellents™

Our mission is to protect landscapes from animal destruction and to protect people & pets from ticks & mosquitos using only safe, eco-friendly repellents. Everguard products are designed to have minimal effect on the environment and maximum effect on the pests and animals that can take over a backyard.

Our spray contractors have the support of our successful management team who boast decades of experience developing, testing and applying Everguard Repellents™. We can help you to develop the best application packages for your region & your clientele. Everguard Spray Contractors have many advantages over other mosquito & pest repellent services, such as, a low entry cost and flexible licensing, multiple products available, eco-friendly and bee-friendly product. Furthermore, Everguard contractors are proud to offer the safest repellent products available leaving their clients at ease knowing their children and pets are safe immediately after application.

Another Everguard Repellents™ advantage is that we are constantly developing and testing new products. We take pride in our eco-friendly repellents and are constantly testing for effectiveness and safety to ensure even the animals & insects we are trying to keep away are discouraged from entering the property and stay away. As an Everguard Spray Contractor you will be the first to learn about our newest products and testing results to help you grow your company!

Finally you will get access to our marketing insight and materials. We provide our contractors with access to customized marketing materials that will help you to quickly & efficiently grow your business.

Deer & Rabbit Spray Service

Tick & Mosquito Spray Service

All-Natural Repellents Developed & Tested in the Deep Woods of New England

Everguard Repellents were developed to help protect residential and commercial properties from pests and destructive animals. We originally developed our repellents specifically for our own spray service, American Deer Proofing, and have used them for over 15 years successfully. We are proud to offer our repellents and winning sales system to entrepreneurs across the country. 

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Licensing with Everguard Repellents is quick & easy! We offer products that help repel pests that destroy landscaping and those that make the outdoors less pleasant. Our spray contractors are guaranteed they will have exclusive rights to their territory & support from our experienced team as well as contractor pricing for the most effective all natural repellents, Everguard Repellents.

Sagadahoc, Cumberland, Androscoggin, Lincoln & Knox County - Licensed
Monroe County
Bristol, Barnstable, Plymouth - Licensed
Rhode Island
Washington County, Kent County, Newport County - Licensed
New London County - Licensed
Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard - Licensed

Steps to Licensing with Everguard Repellents